Sakhr Linux


Want an arabic dictionary on Linux?

You're almost done!



SakhrLinux allows you to install all you need to have a handy arabic dictionary on your prefered Open Source Linux distro. This small script bundle for you all you need from the Windows emulator Wine to the arabic language pack and the powerful Sakhr Arabic-English-Arabic dictionary.

All you have to do is to launch the bash script and follow the instruction assisting you in every step while giving you the option to install some dependencies if you don't already have it.

More than just a script, this piece of code will avoid you hours of research on the net to know what you need to get the Sakhr dictionary work on your preferred Operating System.




  • Cross-platform
  • Option to install Wine
  • Option to install arabic language pack
  • Create a shortcut on the desktop
  • Works on major Debian/Red-Hat distro